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Chapter 1 - Introduction

This tutorial is about coloring anti-aliased images.
Anti-aliasing means that between two pixels with
hard contrast one pixel with the medium color is
inserted,which makes the edges look smooth. 

Here an example
Plain image Anti-aliased
Makes the image look alot smoother,huh?

Scanned images look always better antialiased
 see what i mean?

If you want these to be black and white then this is no problem at all.
but if you want to color it on your computer there can be several problems.
i guess you get the picture.

Chapter II - Tutorial

However i found a way to avoid these results.

The Program i use in this Tutorial is Paint Shop Pro 5.0 which is shareware
and can be downloaded at

First select the area to be colorized with the Lasso tool

Then we have to darken the area using the brightness/contrast tool
and set the brightness value to -20

the result

Now use the colorize tool and select a fitting color


repeat this with the other parts
Highlights and shadows can be done by reducing/increasing
brightness with antialias selection.

The final result: