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How to Draw Anime & Manga Art

"There are times when fandom reaches such a point that the fan wishes to express his appreciation through drawing." ~ Totoro Sensei

  Hi! Welcome to mini URD!

I'm Rocket... and I'll have the pleasure hosting this mini page, while Bee-chan is away.

If you have some new links or tutorials for URD, please send them to me, so I can put them on this page.

Ja na! ^.^

New Links!

• Fanart HQ's FAQ: Materials, Techniques and Tutorials!

• Ampersand: The "How-To" guide to comics

• Angee: Cel Workshop

• Clay Boutilier: "How To" a link library

• Chun: How to render hair in Painter 4.0 with Wacom. , a part of Chun's homepage.

• Khanh: Some Art Tutorials

• Dave Law: Creating Comics

• Charles Park: How To

• Young Wang: Drawing Lessons

• AlephZero: Paint Shop Pro 5.0 coloring tutorial

• Artwork Expo `98: How2face a drawing guide

• Dhabih Eng: Coloring tutorial

• SirGriffin: Eye tutorial

By NewLord
Comment: "I did the pic with photoshop and my hands."

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