How to draw Ash Ketchum:

Foreword: Here is a guide to draw Ash Ketchum from "Pokemon".

1. The basic head shape is made of a circle, a jaw line, a triangle and a nose line as shown.

2. Add some basic shapes for the eyes, pupils and ears.

Now that we have the face proportions right, we can start drawing Ash's jaw, mouth and nose.

In character drawing, avoid using straight lines. Curve the lines slightly. It's a little hard and you need some pratice, but just keep on until you are satisfied with your lines.

Add guidelines for eyebrows.

4. Draw the eyes and ears.

Add the guidelines for his official "Pokemon League" cap.

Align a rectangle with his eyebrows as shown.

5. Finish the cap guidelines by adding a center line and the shade in the front.
6. Draw Ash's cap.

Add guidelines for his hair.

7. Draw Ash's hair and eyebrows.

Remember the two locks of hair on his forehead.

8. Finish the drawing.

Add the final detail; the zig-zag lines below his eyes, the official "Pokemon Legaue" symbol on the front of the cap and the button on the top of it.

Ink over the lines with a thin marker. Make hair and eyebrows black.

Gently remove all pencil lines with an eraser.

9. Color your drawing.

Give Ash's face and mouth a skintones as shown. Add some shading to indicate the shadows in his face.

Color the cap in bright red with a little shading and a green "Pokemon Legaue" symbol.

That's it!

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