Recommented books:

Foreword: I get alot of emails with questions about where to buy books about drawing manga. Here is a list of varius books I can recommend.
How to Draw Manga: Bishoujo/Pretty Girls by Hikaru Hayashi

Everything you need to know to draw cute girls. Lean to draw Power suits chicks, mermaids, angels, chiby characters, cat girls, and more.

How to Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles by Hikaru Hayashi

Wanna fight? Then this is the book for you! It illustrate all forms of battle scenes and about how the characters respond to attacks from an opponent. All things that make the drawing more believable.

Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics by Christopher Hart

This book offer a decent help with progressing ability for average artist's. However it do not have the step by step format that the title would suggest.

How to Draw Anime & Game Characters : Basics for Beginners and Beyond by Tadashi Ozawa

A good reference book with many "professional" examples of Manga / Anime art.

Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy by Christopher Hart

From head to toe, the human form, in all its complexities, is visually simplified to such a degree in this remarkable workbook that even complete beginners will soon be able to draw accurate, well-proportioned faces and figures every time they try.

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