How to draw manga eyes:

Foreword: There are alot of different ways to draw manga eyes. And none of these ways are more right than the others.

Big eyes!
Manga eyes have one thing in common; they are very big! Very often a lot of the space inside the eye is used for the iris and the pupil. The pupil is mostly circular and the iris can be shaped like a square or plain round. In most eyes you find a large light glare in the upper part of the iris.

The basic shape of the eye
By changng the basic shape of the eye, you can draw alot of different types of eyes.
Try to draw some of the eyes on Illustration A.
You can see the way to do it down below.

Illustration A

1. Start by drawing the basic shape of the eye.

It's important to get the porportions right from the start.

2. Draw the eyelids. And use a thicker line for the upper eyelids.

Add some light glares.

3. Draw the pupil and the dark shadow in the upper part of the iris.

Draw a thin wrinkle over the upper eyelid.

4. Draw the eyelashes.

Ink over the lines with a thin marker. Gently remove all pencil lines with an eraser.

If you wish to add some color to the eye, you can tone the iris, but keep the light glares white.

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