How to draw the basic anothomy of manga hair:

Foreword: Try to imagine "Ryokyo" from "Tenchi Muyo!" with a green hair and long thick ponytails, insted of the blue punk hair, she normaly haves.... she might look cute, but it's just not "Ryokyo" anymore!
The hair is one of the "trademarks" of a manga karater, and are offen used to give a karather a specific look/style.

In this lesson we will look at the anatomy of manga hair.

1. Manga hair anatomy consists of two basic shapes, the front hair (fringe part) and the back hair (main part).

Any other hair design is a variation of these two basic shapes, color and hairstyle (long/short/strait/curly etc.)

Here we go!
Note the distance between the chin, eyes and eyebows.
Double the distance and you get the positions of the front and back hair.

2. Make a circle going from the top of "Back hair" marker to somewhere a little above the chin.

Make two elipses overlapping each other to form the "Front hair" marker, which go down to the mouth marker.

3. Use these guidelines to finish your drawing.

4. Add some color to the drawing.

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