How to draw Lum:

Foreword: Here is a guide to draw Lum from "Urusei Yatsura".

1. The basic shape is made of a circel and two lines as shown.

2. Add some basic shapes for the eyes, pupils and jaw.


Add the basic shapes for her neck, ear and the top of her torso.

It's important to get the porportions right from the start.

4. Add the guidelines for her breasts.

Now that we have the proportions right, we can start drawing Lum-chan's jaw, mouth, nose and eyes.

In character drawing, avoid using straight lines. Curve the lines slightly. It's a little hard and you need some pratice, but just keep on until you are satisfied with your lines.

5. Now that her face is done, we go on to the ear, neck, shoulders, arms and breasts.
6. Now that the face is done, we start on Lum-chan's hair and horns.

Start by drawing the guidelines.
Start with the locks of hair on her forehead and then the rest of her hair.

Don't forget the horns! No horns, no Lum-chan!

7. Draw Lum-chan's hair.

Add the two locks of hair on her forehead.
Finish drawing the hair sa shown.

8. Finish the drawing.

Add the final detail; the small eyelashes, the earfold and her tiger-bikni-top.

Ink over the lines with a thin marker. Gently remove all pencil lines with an eraser.

8. Color your drawing.

Give Lum-chan's face a light skintone as shown. Add some shading to indicate the shadows in her face. Shade her hair green. Eyes yellow with small highlights in the pupils as shown. A little yellow eyeshade over the eyes. Color her top with some tiger stripes on a yellow background.

That's it!

Kawaii! (n_n)

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