Photoshop tips:

Foreword: I allways use Adobe Photoshop when I color my manga drawings.
Here are some cool trips I use when I work with Photoshop.
1. The finger tool tip!

If you are coloring hair, use the "finger tool" to smear the highlights, to get a really cool effect!

2. Anime & manga color palette tip!

I keep all my favorite colors tones in a special palette. In that way I allways know where to find that great looking skin tone or that cool eye color.

When I work with Photoshop, I just open the palette in seprate window, so I can go color hunting with the "Eyedropper tool"!

This palette is made with rows of two or three color shadings, like the ones use to draw animation cels.

If you wish you can draw your own palette or copy mine. To copy mine from this webpage, right click on the pallete image and save it to your harddisk.

You can then open it in Photoshop or another coloring software and use the eyedropper tool to get the colors. If you want to use your own colors, delete all the colors using the fill (paint buket) function. Then put all your favorite color tones into the palette.

Remember to keep the color palette around next time you are gonna color a drawing.

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